I am not completely sure what the future of schools will be. The public school has changed tremendously since I graduated back in the 60's, now it resembles a jail. I am positive that private schools will just get more and more expensive and home schooling will still continue to be one, if not the better option if you desire your children to be protected from some of the things that occur in public schools.

Several possible curriculum are available online and can be designed to individual student, rather than stereotyped into basic group curriculum, as is done in public and private schools. Social problems, such as violent bullying and teasing that goes on in public school, can be more readily avoided...the children and parents can work together to find friends...rather than force the child to choose essentially either people at a private/public school as friends or no friends.

Home-schooled children, just by being home schooled, have been surveyed as being in the top 15% in SAT scores for over 90% of students and more successful transition into college. Yes, you heard me right, HOME SCHOOLING MAKES FOR BETTER GRADES.