What is Wrong?

There appeared to be something wrong with my yard. I could not see what the problem was, but I knew something was causing damage to the yard. After a through investigation, I found exactly what was causing the problem: moles. These voracious bug-eaters were crawling around just under the surface of my previously well-manicured yard looking for food and wreaking havoc on my grass.

The children of Israel also had a problem with a hidden cause (Joshua 7) there was a problem and they could not figure it out. There was something hidden from their eyes that was causing serious damage. The trouble became very obvious when Joshua dispatched 3000 men to attack Ai. Although that should have been a sufficient number to defeat Ai's rather small force, the opposite occurred. Ai routed the Israelite's, killing 36 of them and chasing the rest back where they came from. Joshua had no idea why this trouble had com come. God explained the hidden problem. One of his men, Achan had violated a clear command and had stolen some things from Jericho (Joshua 7:11). Only and only when that hidden sin is discovered and taken care of could Israel have victory.

Hidden sin does great damage to everyone connected. There is a need to bring this sin to the surface and effectively deal with it or face certain defeat.

Let us pray: Dear Lord, we do not desire anything in our lives to hinder our fellowship with You. You know what is in our hearts. Please reveal any areas of our lives that are not pleasing to You and forgive us. Amen.


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