In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion in the Black community about why there seems to be a fear of Black men. One factor contributing to this oddity is the way Black men are portrayed in the media, which is usually negatively. However, a recent social media trend has captured the attention of CNN; and it features Bishop L. Spenser Smith (Senior Pastor of the Impact Nation Fellowship Church in Tuscaloosa and the Impact House in Adamsville) and his sons Jamel and Jarren, all with smiles on their faces!

The very first photo is of Smith and his sons, submitted by the older sibling, Jamel  (@iammelsmith).

While the Smith men are spreading joy all over the web (smiles have a tendency to be contagious), be it noted that amazing smiles seemingly run through their family as wife and mother Patrice Smith recently had her photo showcased at New York's Time Square.

Want to see more of this Black FAMILY smiling, check them out:

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