Retail stores across the nation are once again opening their doors to customers and employees alike after closures caused by the novel Coronavirus. I think it's great to see our local economy up and running, but I have to wonder how successful we can be without a key component of our society.

What about child care?

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's "Safer-at-Home" order continues through May 15th and while some daycares are allowed to open with a cap of just 11 children, public and private schools across the state remain closed.

How are we supposed to get back to work when there is nowhere for our children to go?

I am extremely fortunate that my daughter can come to work with me daily. Working my traditional job while helping her stay on track with distance learning is a challenge, but I am so thankful that we even have the option of her coming to the office with me. I can't help but wonder about those who are less fortunate.

What happens when you have to go to work but you have no one to watch your children? What if you have no family members on whom you can rely to help? What if you are literally forced to choose between going to work to support your family or staying home because you have no way to ensure your child is safe while you're gone?

I can't imagine being in that position.

I know it's more important now than ever for our businesses to be up and running again, and I am thankful that new orders from the Governor and Mayor are giving them the chance to do so, but I am still left to wonder: what about the kids?

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Learning from Home 2020


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