The NFL Draft is a huge weekend for Alabama football as the Crimson Tide will have several members of the 2020 football team selected to play football at the next level. Alabama is looking to break the University of Miami's record for most players selected in the first round, one of the potential selections for the Crimson Tide is Landon Dickerson.

Alabama fans can celebrate Dickerson's selection into the NFL by watching the NFL Draft with him and his family this weekend. The lovable center will be hosting a live viewing of his draft party on Friday, April 30 at 6 p.m. hosted by 23/7 Live.

Dickerson is projected to be a late first, early second round draft pick this weekend, meaning fans that join his draft party online could potentially be a part of the moment he is called by the team looking to select him.

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Fans will be required to buy tickets, there are three packages of tickets to purchase, each package offering its own unique perks. Packages are priced at $20, $30 and $50. The basic package allows fans access to the virtual draft party, the mid-tier package includes an autographed photo of Dickerson and the top level package will allow fans to participate in a virtual meet with Dickerson after the draft.

Dickerson is considered one of the top interior offensive lineman available in this year's NFL Draft. An ACL injury sustained in the SEC Championship caused his stock to fall a bit but his film, his personality and his attitude towards football could cause a team to draft him high despite his injury.

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