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Tuscaloosa boasts a rich reservoir of gospel talent, and Tuscaloosa's own Blest By Four has released their new EP "Only Believe" that dropped May 10, 2024, on all digital outlets. The six tracks include a powerful mix of gospel music for listeners.

Hailing from Duncanville, Alabama, just outside Tuscaloosa, Blest By Four is a traditional quartet comprising siblings. The group consists of Demetrius Smith, known as "Dodie", Felicia "Pooh" Smith-Polion, Terrence "Beauty" Smith Sr., and Marcus Smith. Rooted in their upbringing within the church, these siblings began their musical journey in childhood. Today, their harmonies resonate locally, regionally, and nationally, gracing stages across the United States.

Originally known as The Spiritualaires of Duncanville, the group evolved into Blest By Four, marking a significant progression in their musical journey. Their unique style, vocal prowess, and even their fashion sense has left a lasting impression on audiences.

Blest By Four made their national debut in 2004 with "Pressing On," released under the Humility Music Group helmed by Glen Stevenson. The album spawned hits like "Blessed," "Soon," "Shower Down," and "It Must Be Love," garnering widespread radio play.

Their sophomore release, "Just Like Fire," dropped in 2012, featuring powerful tracks such as "Keep On Using Me," the soul-stirring ballad "The Lord Is Blessing Me," and "It's In The Praise," showcasing the group's formidable vocal range. In 2018, they unveiled their third project, "Satisfied Mind," featuring hits like "Revive Us Again," "I Need Your Help," and "He Always By My Side."

Beyond their musical releases, Blest By Four is a staple in Tuscaloosa's gospel scene, annually hosting "Bama Blast," a celebrated event typically held at the Bama Theater and various churches. This gathering attracts hundreds, showcasing not only Blest By Four but also legendary quartet groups from across the nation. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the event transitioned to a virtual format, hosted at Cornerstone Full Gospel Baptist Church.

As fans eagerly anticipate new music from Blest By Four, we extend our well wishes for their continued success in all their endeavors. Join us in supporting them today by getting the new music!

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