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In 2024, Lisa Knowles-Smith and the Brown Singers received further recognition for their outstanding contributions to gospel music. Nominated for three Stellar Awards, including Quartet of the Year, Traditional Duo/Chorus of the Year, and Traditional Artist of the Year, their impact on the genre continues to be celebrated. These nominations underscore their ongoing commitment to excellence and their enduring influence within the gospel music community.

Their journey reflects not just musical prowess, but a dedication to spreading faith and love through their artistry. From their early days as a quartet in Memphis to their evolution into a dynamic force in gospel music, Lisa Knowles-Smith and the Brown Singers inspire listeners with their soul-stirring vocals and unwavering devotion to their craft. Their music serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, touching hearts and lifting spirits across generations.

Born Alescia Nicole Knowles, she grew up as a "quartet girl" in Memphis, TN, the eldest of two siblings. Her passion for singing surfaced at the tender age of 3, fearlessly expressing herself through song. Her affinity for the mic was evident, prompting her mother to note, "Lisa would have to have a mic at all times, even if she wasn’t singing or she would cry."

At 9, she joined the Brown Singers as a background vocalist, astonishing audiences with her mature voice. Her talent shone brightest when she took on lead vocals for the energetic, bass-driven favorite "Sweet Jesus" at just 12 years old. This marked the beginning of her journey as the group's lead singer, culminating in the recording of their debut "Live In Memphis" CD/DVD in 1996.

As she matured, her musical tastes expanded to include R&B, jazz, blues, rock, and country, influencing her eclectic singing style. Infusing quartet with other genres proved a triumph, earning the group a diverse fan base. Hits like "Work on Me," "I Need You Lord Jesus," and "What He's Done For Me" solidified her status as a beloved artist.

After 18 years with The Brown Singers, Lisa felt compelled to explore new musical horizons under her own name. Simultaneously, she lent her vocals to renowned acts like James Fortune & FIYA, further broadening her musical repertoire.

In 2015, following The Brown Singers' success at the Stellar Awards, Lisa established her own record label, EvoWorld Music Group, LLC. Her inaugural project, "Evolution: The Legacy," showcased her multifaceted talent as both an artist and producer.

Venturing beyond music, Lisa initiated the "Loving Me Again" women’s retreat in 2017, impacting hundreds with its empowering message. Currently, she is immersed in various endeavors, including her solo album, a mentoring program, and a scholarship fund, all aimed at uplifting others.

Married to Marcus, a member of Blessed By Four, Lisa resides in Tuscaloosa and remains actively engaged in her faith community at Mt. Carmel Community Church in Duncanville and Cornerstone Full Gospel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. Her dedication to spreading love and faith through music continues unabated, exemplifying a life committed to serving and inspiring others. In 2024, "Right On Time 2.0" by Lisa Knowles-Smith and the Brown Singers stands as a testament to God's impeccable timing, resonating with its stirring vocals and uplifting message.

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