Friday, the Tuscaloosa News reported that Maggie Harris, owner of Maggie's Diner, decided to close. This is but one of the last soul food restaurant in the area.


I can remember when I attended Stillman College a little over a decade ago, we had a number of soul food restaurants.  Students wanting the taste of food similar to their mother's or grandmother's cooking would skip over to KSV, Melton's, Maggie's, Soul Delicious, etc.

Don't get me wrong, there are a few restaurants that cook "homestyle" meals, but there's a difference between "homestyle" and soul food. Soul food reminds you of home.  Each bite is soaked with care, attention, and a desire to be pleasing to the palate.  A soul food restaurant would never serve macaroni and cheese out of a box or chicken tenders taken directly from a bag in the freezer and dropped in hot grease.

With that being said, what soul food restaurants do we have left? Any newcomers on the scene?