Everyone wants to be home for the holidays--but these sweet pets just want to find a home this holiday. Meet the cats who've lived their whole lives in a local shelter and are in desperate need of a Christmas miracle. 

The cats in the gallery above are all available for adoption through the Humane Society of West Alabama. Pansy and Zsa Zsa, the first two cats you see in the gallery, have been in the shelter for SIX YEARS--that's 2,190 days without a home.

Petey and Pauly have been passed over for 5 whole years, and Sally has been in the shelter for four long years.

We want these cats to find a home for the holidays--and that's where you can help! If you are looking to add a loving pet to your family, contact the Humane Society of West Alabama today. If you are unable to adopt one of these sweet cats, you can still help them find their forever homes by sharing this article with your friends and family--email it to them and post a link on Facebook and Twitter.

If everyone pitches in, we just may be able to pull off a Christmas miracle for these cats!

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