Every year it's a common complaint that we all have at certain points in our lives, maybe even this past weekend.

"Wait, do we have to spring forward Sunday? Really?"

Yes, Daylight Savings Time is something many dread. Some, like me personally, like it when it gets darker. Others prefer the sun to stay out longer.

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There's even research showing that the time change affects mental health as well as messing up sleep patterns.

All of this is to say that the annual tradition of changing clocks may soon come to an end.

According to the New York Post, the United States Senate recently passed a bill unanimously saying Daylight Savings would become something that wouldn't change in the lives of Americans.

The bill now moves onto the House of Representatives. If it is passed by the House, it then moves to the desk of President Joe Biden.

If President Biden signs the bill into law, it will finally stop the changing of the clocks. And many will be able to enjoy the sunlight much longer, even in winter and fall.

What many might not know is that Daylights Savings was stopped before, and then brought back.

In the article from the New York Post, Daylight Savings was originally put in place during World War l. Much like our feelings right now, many ended up not liking it, and it was rescinded shortly afterward.

After that, it's been implemented multiple times for various reasons. But it's possible now, the practice may simply disappear.

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