This Tuscaloosa Vegan Food Truck Has Everybody Wanting A Bite! 

I'm learning that food trucks are quite popular here in Tuscaloosa. The newest food truck to hit my radar in Tuscaloosa is very different than most.

It's Black Business! Every week we highlight a black business in Alabama and today we're highlighting Bean Me Up Scottie Organic Eatery Food Truck. All over Tuscaloosa they've been packing out parking lots and serving up some mouth-watering vegan food.


I love the fact that there is a black-owned vegan option here in town. Before I moved to Alabama, I was full vegan. I lasted for about 2 and a half years and enjoyed it a lot. I figured once I moved to Tuscaloosa that would have to let go of my vegan lifestyle. When I see food trucks like this it makes me want to dive back in. Being black-owned is a huge plus. From my experience, veganism in the black community isn't as widespread as other communities. I'm sure this food truck will help change that.

Bean Me Up Scottie Organic Eatery has been in business for a month and their food is spreading fast across west Alabama. When asked about the reason for starting this business, Owner Scottie McBride said he wanted "to give people an opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and assist them in investing in their temple."

I haven't had the chance to enjoy their food just yet, but I'll be pulling up on them soon. IF you'd like to see where their food truck will be next, be sure to follow them on Instagram @theofficial.beanmeupscottie.

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