This Northport Park Is My New Chill Out Spot

I am so excited it is now time for the warmer months in West Alabama.  I enjoy being outdoors, as long as I take my allergy medicine.  There is something about fresh air, sunshine, and being outdoors that lifts my spirits, no matter what is going on.  I found this Tuscaloosa County Park by accident one Saturday afternoon.   Since then, it has been my hang out spot on Saturdays for lunch.  I grab lunch to go, pull out my chair, and enjoy the views.  I found this park by trying to snoop around the Tuscaloosa airport to find a great place to watch planes, and I stumbled upon a great local find.  I’m talking about the Van de Graaff Arboretum and Historic Bridge Park in Northport, Alabama.  It is awesome.  Park visitors always have a smile on their face, and of course, they are practicing social distancing.  I love it because of the chill vibe and beautiful views.  I typically set up near the freshwater pond for the view and try to sneak some views of planes flying into the nearby airport.  A super cool attraction is the 1882 King Bowstring Bride, which is an excellent spot for selfies and family pictures.  A fun fact is that it is one of four spans that crossed the Black Warrior River from 1882-1896” (TCPARA website).  There are picnic tables, swings, fishing, and hiking.  Camping is also available, click here for details.  Also, there is a boat ramp for hand-carried and non-gas motorboats, which, while I was hanging out Saturday, I saw a few people launch their kayaks into the water.

(Source) For more about Van de Graaff Arboretum and Historic Bridge Park, click here. 

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