There Is Much Talk About Breakthrough Infections . . .

In reality we have not really had a viable estimate of how frequent breakthrough infection occur. The carefully monitored clinical trials that gave us our best estimates for vaccine effectiveness were designed to measure how well the vaccination protect against symptomatic COVID-19 cases, not infection In the real world, it is assumed that a large case of mild and asymptomatic breakthrough infections will go undetected..It can be difficult to ascertain how the rate may change over time.

As I read more about breakthroughs there appears to be a couple of reasons why you might be hearing more about this concept. One is that they make news, someone contracting the coronavirus even though they are vaccinated makes for an easy headline,even we have been told from the early days of the vaccine campaign that immunized persons would still sometimes get COVID-19. Secondly, I believe that people are coming to realize that even if vaccines broadly limit disease to what you consider to be mild illness, that in itself can still leave one feeling awful for a few days, even as it saves them from feeling worse for longer, and from getting much sicker. It is conceivable that breakthrough infections are happening more frequently for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with how well vaccine work. We have returned to activities we had cancelled. Having more, unmasked contact with others, at bars, weddings,family gatherings, increases the risk that we will come into contact with an infected individual. In addition, as cases increase, there's just more virus around, so we are more likely to be exposed.

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