The COVID-19 outbreak has left thousands of Alabamians in dire straits and the West Alabama Food Bank is stepping up to help them in their hour of need--but the food bank isn't able to continue its mission without you.

The West Alabama Food Bank serves NINE counties, which means so many of our friends and neighbors rely on this agency to help them when they are struggling. Take a look at this photo taken yesterday which shows the line of cars just waiting to pick up desperately-needed supplies from the food bank.

I have seen these lines on the national news from cities like Chicago, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, but I had no idea it was happening here. My heart aches thinking of how hard it is to deal with food insecurity, and I can't imagine how hard it is to be out of work right now, to look at your empty cabinets and not know from where your next meal is coming.

I am asking you all to support the West Alabama Food Bank today. Click HERE to make a donation. If we all could donate just a small portion of our stimulus checks, we'd be able to make a big difference.

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