At times my mind goes back through the years and I desire that better time and place, the "good old days."

However, for some of you the past harbors only bitter memories. Deep in the night, you ponder your own failures, disillusionments, and fantasies, and think of the cruel hand life has dealt you.

It is far better to remember the past by contemplating the good that God has done. These are the memories that foster the highest good. They evoke a deep longing for more of God and more of His tender care.

I heard a story about an old lady who would sit in silence for hours in her rocking chair, hands folded in her lap, eyes gazing off into space. One day her daughter asked, :"Mother, what do you think about when you sit there so quietly?" Her mother replied softly with a gleam in her eye, "That's just between Jesus and me."

I pray today that your memories and meditations will draw you into the presence of the Lord.