The Easy Life . . .

Are parents attempting too hard to make their children happy? And is that having the reverse effect? Yes parents who refuse to let their children experience failure or sadness give them a false view of the world and do not prepare them for the harsh realities of adult life. This causes the children to feel empty.

Some Christians expect that the Lord will be the kind of parent who protects them from all sorrow and disappointment. But that's not the kind of Father He is. He lovingly permits His children to go through suffering (Isaiah 43:2).

When we start with the mistaken idea that it's an easy life that will make us truly happy, we become weary attempting to live out our faulty belief. When we face the truth that life is difficult, we can invest our lives in the pursuit of a good and godly life instead. That kind of life strengthens us for the times,( that will surely come) when life becomes difficult. The goal of God is to make us holy, not just happy (1 Thessalonians 3:13).

A contented person has learned to accept the bitter with the sweet.Teach children to stop worrying about those What If's and and begin focusing on what can be done to maintain control in their lives while you allow them to experience some failure. Children must be taught that they are not going to be successful all the time when attempting different tasks.

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