The Delta Variant is On The Rampage!!

The increase of the Delta Variant has driven new Covid-19 outbreaks and reminded us that for all the progress made in the fight against the pandemic, vulnerabilities persist. Here in this country, where the variant is estimated to be causing more than 4 out of 5 new infections, largely among the unvaccinated, the outbreaks in places like Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi  and Arkansas have once again placed health systems under stress. In addition all of this has led to questions about whether Delta even poses a threat to people who are vaccinated and complicated the discussion about what precautions schools need to reopen fully in the fall.

The important thing that we should keep in mind in face of Delta, vaccines are appear to be doing what they are suppose to do. The vaccines are preventing  the threat of a Covid-19 infection, protecting people from getting so sick they have to be placed in the hospital and from death. I have learned that nothing in medicine is absolute, so a tiny fraction of vaccinated people will still wind up getting really sick, but there is a clear reason why current hospitalizations and deaths are happening among those who a unvaccinated.

It is very important to keep in mind that the Delta Variant is a much larger threat in places with limited vaccines access. However, the Delta spreads so effectively that it is fueling spikes in cases, and, in turn,increases in hospital stays, in vulnerable American communities as well.

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