I love traveling around the southern region of the United States. In the past years of the pandemic, it’s been the easiest for me to travel to the states that border Alabama like Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Of course, I like to be super nosey about what the real estate is looking look in the states I visit often. The more expensive the better, I mean I’m just looking right. I’ve given you the most expensive home in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Now, let’s take a peek into Tennessee.

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This mansion listed by Bill E. Henson, Jr. of SilverPointe Properties is outrageous. Before you ask, YES, it does have double ovens. So, you know I’m in love. Apparently, it is in a super swanky suburb of Nashville, Tennessee called Franklin. Get this the subdivision this mansion is located in only has 23 homes and it’s filled with celebrities.

The custom-built home is something from a movie with 100 glittering chandeliers, 30-foot ceilings, and a ballroom for charity functions. Amazing! Let’s take a look now.

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