Over the years I've been associated with many book groups. Typically, several associates and I read a book and then we get together to discuss it.Inevitably, one or two persons will raise a question that none of us can answer. "If only we could ask the author." Some book authors, for a large fee, are making themselves available to meet with book groups such as ours.

How different it is for those of us who gather to study the Bible. Jesus meets with us whenever we assemble. No charges. No scheduling conflicts. No travel expenses. Furthermore, we have the Holy Spirit to guide our understanding. One of the last promises Jesus made to His disciples was that God send the Holy Spirit to teach them.

The Author of the Bible is not limited by time or space. He can meet with us at any time and any place. So whenever we have a question, we can ask with the assurance that He will answer, though perhaps not according to our timetable.

God wants us to have the mind of the Author so that through the  teaching of the Spirit we will understand the greatness of the gift He has freely given.


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