Let's Cover Oklahoma
Donations and money continues to flow into the station. After giving almost $2000 and 4000 pounds of goods, you obviously aren't done with Oklahoma yet. Right now, Oklahoma is in desperate need of work gloves, coolers, and pop-up tents.
Here is station's conference room (we wanted a 'r…
Massive Tornado Hits Oklahoma
An enormous tornado with a debris cloud two miles wide tore through the metropolitan area just south of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon.
UPDATE 9:28 p.m. EST: At least 51 people were killed in the storm, including seven children from Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, according to KFOR in Okl…
An Elephant Never Forgets
There's a lot about April 27th, 2011 and the days that followed that I'll ever forget. The terror I felt while hiding with my two boys underneath my bathroom vanity, driving into work the next morning under a pink sky and the jagged landscape beneath it, and hearing calls for volunteers an…

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