Severe Weather Guide

Severe thunderstorms are some of the most unpredictable weather we receive in Alabama. A storm can pop up out of no where and catch you off guard. To help you prepare for those uncertain situations, we want to provide you with the most important information about these storms.
Tornado Safety
A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground with the most violent producing massive destruction with wind speeds of 250 mph or more. Some damage paths can be as large as creating paths of 50 miles wide...
What are Straight-Line Winds?
Straight-line winds is used to describe ground-level winds that come out of a thunderstorm and do not have rotation. When winds travel at speeds exceeding 57 mph, the storm is classified as a severe thunderstorm. Storms with severe straight-line winds can also have hail and tornadoes...
Hurricanes and tropical storms form over large, warm bodies of water - just like the Gulf of Mexico - every year. Hurricanes typically form in the summer and fall with hurricane season officially running from June 1st through November 30th annually.
Pet Safety Tips
We all have seen our furry little friends act out of character before or during a thunderstorm. It's very common so make sure you're prepared to keep them safe during severe weather.
Disaster Plan
A family disaster plan is a personalized action plan that lets each member of a household know what to do in particular disaster situations.
Shelter List
As the state of Alabama generally sees tornadoes as its most common form of severe weather, shelters are often sought by travelers and those whose homes are either unsafe or not accessible at the time of inclement weather nor thereafter.
Emergency Contacts
In cases of inclement weather, we often find ourselves wondering who we should call to get pertinent information. However, many of the people we call rely on area residents to provide information to be dispensed to the masses.