We all have seen our furry little friends act out of character before or during a thunderstorm. It's very common so make sure you're prepared to keep them safe during severe weather.

Joanne Yohannan at North Shore Animal League of America says:

Animals can be afraid of unfamiliar loud noises and thunderstorms certainly fall into that category. While some dogs may develop a fear of loud noises due to a traumatic experience that may be associated with the sound, others may develop fearful reactions for unknown reasons

Your specific breed is not necessarily more susceptible. It's simply more about your pet. Follow these simple tips to help you pet cope with the sounds of a storm.

1. You can familiarize your pet with the sounds of thunderstorms by playing a CD featuring the sounds on low level. Treats or calming massages at this point will help build a positive association.
2. Always keep your pets indoors during a storm
3. Pets like crates or beds to "hide" in during a storm
4. Like a child, do not over comfort your pet during a storm. This could send mixed signals and cause more fear.
5. Play soothing music
6. Play with your pet during the storm

 It is best to consult a veterinarian if you notice extreme anxiety in your pet.

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