Severe Weather Guide

Weather Update from Tuscaloosa
April 29th 6:34 According to the latest information released by Tuscaloosa City officials, one fatality has been confirmed but cause of death is pending. A 21-year old white male was transported to DCH Regional Medical Center after a retaining wall collapsed...
Welcome to our Guide
  Welcome into the Severe Weather Guide, presented by Townsquare Media. Our staff has put together a comprehensive guide to the weather conditions that commonly effect Tuscaloosa and surrounding West Alabama communities. As you'll on the home page, these eight topics are covered: West Alabama Emergency Contacts West Alabama Shelter List  Creating a Family Disaster Plan Pet Safety Tips Severe Thun
5 Outdoor Hot Weather Exercise Safety Tips
The convenience of the climate controlled, indoor workout is nice, but sometimes, we just want the fresh air and to be outside. You may be ready to go for a power walk, a run or even play time with the kids. It's no mystery, the summer months in the south get very hot and humid with plenty of sunshine. We can handle it, right? Sure, using common sense with a few exercise safety tips and you'll be
Be Prepared with this Pre-Storm Checklist for Supplies
We all know that weather can change our lives in an instant. Whether it's the middle of the summer or the cold of the winter, weather threats can happen at anytime. It's best to make preparations ahead of time in case disaster strikes, and this checklist of supplies will prove beneficial...
Pool Safety Tips When Severe Weather Strikes
When the weather warms up here in Alabama, it's almost time for one of our favorite pastimes...swimming. Whether in pool, lake, river, or creek, we should realize that this time of year severe weather can come out of nowhere at anytime.
Understanding Hail Storms and How to Measure Hail Size
While various forms of precipitation are often forecasted, when a meteorologist says there's a possibility of hail, cautions are raised to whole new heights. Hail can leave vehicles damaged  and may even break the glass of a windshield in addition to totaling a car...
Summer Heat dangers
Unlike so many other types of extreme weather, heat is a silent killer. In an average year, roughly 175 American succumb to its effects.
Severe Weather Driving Tips
We are in the time of year when the weather can change quickly. It can be sunny on your way to work and storming on your way home. We can experience heavy rain, damaging wind and large hail while attempting to drive. Follow these tips when you catch yourself in a challenging weather situation ...

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