Upon my move from Florida to Alabama, I assumed I'd be no where near an HBCU. Knowing nothing about Tuscaloosa, I assumed Alabama State, Miles, Alabama A&M and a list of other HBCU's were the closest to me. My jaw dropped when I found out there was an HBCU in Tuscaloosa!!

In my short time here, I've been to Stillman College dozens of times including recently for their homecoming week. It felt just like home! The school spirit, the pride in their campus and of course the parties! I had the opportunity to DJ a few events that week and I feel like I'm a Stillman Alum!! LOL! Attending an HBCU gave me lifelong friendships, some amazing mentors and I even met my wife at an HBCU! If we could do our small part in helping HBCU's thrive, we could give dozens of young students these same experiences, and lifelong lessons that you frankly can't get elsewhere.


I'm challenging you to invest whatever you can into our kids by donating today! You'd be amazed at how as little as $5 could help. Donate now at https://stillman.edu/give or by calling 205-792-5652 or 205-792-3376.


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