Remember when it was announced that Stillman College would be dissolving its football team? The outcry of many was, "What about Homecoming?" Those of us who attended Stillman when Homecoming before Fall 1999 remember when Homecoming was held during basketball season, to which it has returned.

Check out Miss Freshman, though! (Photo credit: Isaac Hines/Facebook)

The Stillman College Office of Alumni Affairs has released via email that Homecoming will be held Feb. 4-7, 2016.

Events include the following:

Thursday, Feb. 4. -

  • 11am-12pm The Stillman Woman/Man: A Dialogue- Miss. Stillman College, the Pre-Alumni Council President, Miss. UNCF, First Lady Marcia Millet, former Stillman Queens, and a host of Stillman alumni for a mentor-moment and intimate talk about owning your power, resillience, eminence, and the Stillman persona. (Lunch panel/Cafeteria)

Friday, Feb. 5-

  • 10am-12pm Stillman Talks- Stillman Alumi are welcomed to the stage to share new research, innovative ideas, and best practices as leaders in their field. Lunch/ networking reception included. (Wynn Presentation Room)
  • 12pm Networking Lunch- Stillmanites join to build networks and a pipeline for connecting with and hiring current and future alumni. To register your job listings, contact Jean Wilson-Sykes @ (Cafeteria)
  • 8pm Greek Fest- 'Stomp Down' feat. Comedian/Alum Steve Brown -- $20 Calling all greek/non-greek organizations (including alumni/alumnae chapters) to showcase their talent.  (Birthright Alumni Hall)

Saturday, Feb. 6-

  • 11:30 am Alumni Town Hall Meeting- Hear from President Peter E. Millet, NAASC President Bruce Crawford, and let your voice be heard at the annual Alumni Town Hall Meeting. (Wynn Center Presentation Room)
  • After meeting  Alumni Fish Fry (On the Yard)
  • 1pm  Stillman v. Tuskegee (W) -- $8/$5 Battle of the Pep-Bands; Non-Greek Stroll (during & after the game)
  • 3pm  Stillman v. Tuskegee (M) -- $8/$5 Half Time: Alumni Presentations-Recognition; Greek Stroll (during & after the game)
  • 8pm  A Night of Soul -All Black Affair (The Attire is Black) -- Join Dr. Bruce Crawford (President of the NAASC), and Dr. Peter & First Lady Marcia Millet in celebrating 140 years of Stillman College alumni. Includes NAASC Lifetime Membership and Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremonies, poetry, Alumni Voices (R&B), DJ, Light Hors d'oeuvres & spirits. (Historic Stillman House)

Sunday, Feb. 7-

  • 10am  Alumni Breakfast $7 (Stillman College Cafeteria)
  • 11am  Chapel  (Brown Memorial)
  • 2pm  Stillman College Choir Concert  (Westminster Presbyterian Church, 20 6th Avenue SW; Birmingham, AL 35211)

In addition, Stillman Alumni are invited to participate in the following opportunities:

  • Stillman House Namesake Brick
  • Alumni Leadership Scholarship
  • NAASC Lifetime Membership

More information is available on Stillman College's 2016 Homecoming and ways to help contribute by calling or emailing Jean Wilson-Sykes, Alumni Affairs Director at (205) 247-8145 and