The Stillman College Alumni started a campaign in efforts of raising $1,000 in a day. That goal was reached in a matter of hours! What happened next? They kept going!

In an email sent from the Office of Alumni Affairs, comedian Steve Brown stated that Stillman gave him his first break into comedy, which causes him to give back every chance he gets. He also urged other Stillman alum to do the same by donating at least $10 in an effort of raising $1,000 in a day (#1kNaDay) to go towards campus renovations.

Before noon, over $1,000 was raised, and a new goal of $5,000 was set! As of around 1:00 p.m., the campaign had raised $3.5K! It appears that donations are exceedingly abundantly above all that was asked or initially considered. Of course, no amount larger or smaller than $10 is rejected. Every amount pushes towards the ultimate goal, which isn't an amount. The goal is to make sure the doors of Stillman College remain open and that students enjoy the activities that come along with the college experience. This will have to be a continuous effort.

Contributions are being made via PayPal, and progress is immediately tallied.  #1KNaDay to #5KNaDay