Sorority Gets Permission To Throw Farm Party In Tuscaloosa

COVID-19 cases don't seem to be slowing down drastically in Tuscaloosa.  This makes many people question how a sorority was granted permission to throw a farm party here in town.

According to ABC 33/40, Kappa Delta was approved for a special events retail license by the Tuscaloosa City Council. The license was for their Kappa Delta farm party to be held at the Black Warrior Farm.

This story has been receiving national attention with many having safety concerns about COVID-19. The farm sits on 14 acres of land and the event expected about 600 people to be in attendance.

It's easy to look at the "600 attendees expected" and become alarmed right away. As stated by ABC 33/40, Casey Johnson, from Special Events Management, who helped plan the farm party, said at the Tuscaloosa City Council meeting that they expected 600 people to attend in "three shifts."

"This will be done in shifts. So we will have essentially a six-hour party. They will sign up for three different shifts. They will load up on a bus. They are not allowed to come in any other way to the venue."

After searching on a local Facebook group, it's been said that the Kappa Delta Farm Party has been cancelled.

Many people have concerns about not only the students' safety but family members as well. With students heading home for the holidays, the potential to get COVID and spread it to family members in other cities, and states become a huge concern.

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