Long before computer generated rankings and playoff selection committees, fans would settle college football debates using a much simpler method: see who can chug beer the fastest. 

Seriously, this actually happened. Their amazing video proof from 1980 thanks to YouTube.

To understand why featuring USC and Alabama in a competition in 1980 was so attractive, you must first think back to the decade prior. From 1970-79, the Trojans and Crimson Tide either won or shared a piece of the national championship in eight of those 10 seasons.

Who knows how this all came together, but it could be one of crowning achievements in television from that year. The video stars sports icons Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson, and Bruce Jenner and pits coeds from the two universities against each in a beer chugging competition for campus supremacy.

There's a lot to love about this video - in the way that you cherish many 80s relics - including Pennsylvania-born Joe Namath referencing Civil War generals twice. Then there's Broadway Joe foreshadowing a move on the female host that would eventually cause an embarrassment moment 33 years later.

In the end, USC came out on top of Alabama. That means absolutely nothing for Saturday's season opener in Arlington, Texas, but it's still worth enjoying.