The country often sees him as a coach so focused on winning that he doesn't concern himself with much else. And while that's somewhat true - especially early in his career - Nick Saban's perspective on life has evolved through the years.

He recently spent some time with Marty Smith and Tim Tebow and an ESPN film crew on his last day on Lake Burton before returning to Tuscaloosa for the start of fall practice. The focus of the Sportscenter feature was life on the lake and away from college football.

The common theme throughout the conversation is enjoying the moment. It's something Saban didn't do much before, but it's a part of his process now.

"As you get older, you realize that some things are more important than when you're coming up and you're trying to make it," Saban said. "You didn't value the memories as much as you do now."

Now, just two months from turning 65, the Alabama head coach appreciates those memories that he created through the years, even if he didn't do it as much in the moment.

"We're all so worried about getting ahead and how many games we're going to win and all that, but when you get my age and at this station, you look back and you, 'I wish we would have spent a little bit more time doing that.'"

You can watch the entire ESPN feature in the video above.