Prepare For Potential Severe Weather On Saturday

There is a severe weather potential for Saturday for the entire state of Alabama.  Right now, the Storm Prediction Center has the severe weather potential at a higher risk level for West and South Alabama but this could change over the next several days.

As we get closer to Saturday, a timeline will be formulated, and more specifics will be generated.  The purpose of giving you advance notice is to give you ample time to prepare for the potential severe weather.  The National Weather Service suggests that you “Prepare, and don’t let severe weather take you by surprise.”  Review the National Weather Service's suggested preparation tips here.

I always suggest that you have a reliable way to get severe weather warnings.  You can always download this radio station’s FREE APP right here.

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Identify your safe place in your home, office, dormitory, church, etc.  If you live in a mobile home, please have a backup plan for safety.

Keeping you weather aware - @MaryKRadio – Weather Reporter

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