It is great to have goals, it is important to document them in some manner. Below are just a few reasons to write down your goals:

  • They are easy to forget. While that may appear ridiculous, we are human, and it is human to be easily distracted and forget.
  • Writing down your resolutions helps you clarify what it is you desire to achieve. It forces you to make decisions and be precise with your words.
  • Writing establishes intention, but action needs to be taken to achieve your resolution. Having a written account of your goals is a constant reminder to take action.
  • Written goals can act as a filter and guiding light for what opportunities to pursue. On any day, there are many decisions to make. When you are in doubt, refer to the goals you have set to determine your future movement.
  • Documented goals will assist you to overcome resistance to progress. We establish goals to move forward, but there is a common resistance to change. Your written goals spur you forward when you hit an obstacle.

Finally, written goals are a constant reminder of how far you have come and what you have achieved. It's a wonderful feeling to look back at the end of next year, and know your resolution has come to reality. It's an excellent reason to crack open that champagne and celebrate.

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