Do you ever look at your child and say, "They have no idea how to have fun outside of a video game?" Do you remember jumping double dutch, playing freeze tag, going fishing, etc. and you want the same thing for your child? Sure there are numerous organizations that allow children to participate in such activities, and now there's a new one on the scene.

According to its website, the 205 Youth Outreach Program has a mission to promote "the strengths and abilities of youth and families by providing community-based services that empower and enrich each to face life's challenges with confidence, competence and dignity."

Composed of West Alabama residents and natives, the 205 Youth Outreach Program debuted this year and has hit the ground running, with events already on the calendar, such as a fishing trip to Lake Lurleen Park on May 14, 2016. This event will offer a time of mentoring, fishing, fun and more and will include lunch.

Registration is required. For more information, visit the 205 Youth Outreach Program website or call (205) 808-6851 or (423) 888-1925.