The Tuscaloosa All-Inclusive Playground Project (TAPP) is one step closer to opening day now that digital renderings of the playground are complete. 

According to the TAPP website, their mission is, 

To build an accessible, inclusive playground in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for children and families of all ages and abilities. The social and physical health promoted by our playground is vital to the development of all children. Our vision is that the playground will be a place where diverse groups of children and adults gather to create connections and build friendships.

Partnering with Tuscaloosa PARA, the playground site will be at Sokol Park and plans are to have it open to the public by Fall of 2016. 

This one-of-a-kind playground will feature a wheelchair slide and swings, tree houses with ramps, an accessible zipline, amphitheater and more!

TAPP estimates that construction on the playground will cost about $1.5 million.