According to the Associated Press, government scientists say more than a dozen regions in the United States have experienced a rise in man-made earthquakes in recent years. A report released today found that 17 areas in eight states, including Alabama, have seen small quakes triggered by oil and gas drilling.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Oklahoma Geological Survey released a statement saying that it now “considers it very likely” that most of the earthquakes in the state’s center in recent years were “triggered by the injection of produced water in disposal wells.”

In the last six months, at least four earthquakes are said to have shaken near Eutaw.  The United States Geological Survey says that earthquakes in some regions are caused by a number of human activities.  Thankfully, no damage has been reported in the West Alabama shakes, but hopefully, scientists will be able to discover the drills that have a direct effect on this region and find natural resources in other areas before "the big one" hits.