The level of frustration and violence in this country has spun totally out of control.  Hardly a day passes that you don't hear of someone being violently killed by a friend, neighbor, or even the Police.

To show you just how ridiculous the frustration level of individuals has become; a Colorado man was cited for carrying his laptop computer into an alley and shooting it eight times with a gun. When questioned by law enforcement the man indicated that he was sick of fighting with the laptop for several months. His frustration led him to disable the computer the best way he knew how, by resorting to a violent act  on the computer.

When one becomes overly frustrated with something, whether it is some object or some human, the end results is most times played out with acts of aggression toward these objects or humans. If we would just stop and think for a moment, our sane mind would overrule that insane mind telling us to become violent. What Do You Think?