Nurses At DCH Share Their COVID-19 Experiences 

Have you ever wondered what nurses go through on the front lines fighting COVID-19? A few nurses from the DCH Regional Medical Center ICU unit gave some insight on their daily experiences.  We hear so many stories of how people deal with the Coronavirus, and how hospitals treat it, but what about here in Tuscaloosa? ABC 33/40 spoke with Donna Lamkin about her experience with COVID-19 patients.  "There isn't a chapter in the textbook of the coronavirus, but with the skills they taught us, and having common sense on the bedside you just kinda go with the motions and pick up on what you need to do. It's brought a lot of challenges, but I think that everyone has done a very good job at rising to the challenge."  Donna is normally working in the Post Surgical Unit, but due to the lacking of elective surgeries, she's working with COVID-19 patients. I never thought about how this virus is limiting the other parts of the hospital. It only makes sense that with the severity of COVID-19, the amount of elective surgeries would decline.

Another nurse working in the unit, Jessica Box, spoke with ABC 33/40 on her stress dealing with the unknown when it comes to cases of the Coronavirus with patients. "It's kind of nerve wrecking because you don't know what to expect, and you don't know how this virus is going to affect one person from the next."

We salute these nurses and everyone on the forefront caring for patients during this time. It can't be easy consistently risking being infected to care for others. Thank you to everyone helping our community fight through this and helping us to remain #TuscaloosaStrong.

(Source)- To read the full story on ABC 33/40 click here. 

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