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The gospel community in 2021 is ready to celebrate the accomplishments of many artists, creatives, ministries and businesses more than ever before. The KIngdom Image Awards is accepting nominations to celebrate the accomplishments of Christians who are doing kingdom work in their local communities around the USA.

The purpose of the Kingdom Image Awards is to honor artists and promote unity in the Christian community. Kingdom Image Awards will assist in eliminating denominational barriers and reduce the misunderstandings created by Christian traditions. It is the mission of Kingdom Image Awards to recognize the work and musical contribution to those who have given to their local community. The Kingdom Image Awards provides a positive and national platform for artists and allows the opportunity for network, collaboration and support.

The Kingdom Image Awards is an annual event that brings artists together through a variety of creative and elegant events. The Kingdom Image Awards also advances the artists by providing resources and forums for personal and career development.   Through events and collaborative programming, the Kingdom Image Awards successfully bonds and breaks civic and religious barriers.   The Kingdom Image Awards positively reflects persons and programming of how Kingdom events shouldappear with excellence. In everything we do, we reflect the Kingdom of God.

I encourage you to nominate your local ministry or gospel recording artist today. I surely will nominate some deserving nominees.

Nominate your favorite inspirational vocalist, artist, instrumentalist, producer, dancer/actor, comedian, or author. To submit your nomination, please complete all portions. Note, no specific connection to the nominee is needed to submit your nomination. This is only the first phase of the nomination process. Your submission does not finalize the category and deems individual as a nominee finalist. Only one submission is needed.

All nominees will be contacted via email regarding the next phase of the nomination process. Nominees are encouraged to check their email (including spam). Email will come from All nominations must be received by Monday, January 18, 2021. (no exceptions will be made).


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