(Photo credit: YouTube/JidennaVEVO)

As the sagging pants fad came on the scene, the tailored look for men was less commonly seen. However, many bulked the trend, and there appears to be a reemerging of men wearing clothing that fits their bodies-- not necessarily tight, but definitely not excessively larger. Tonight, an event highlights such men who not only dress nice but also represent hold a positive stance in the community.

Doors to the Bama Theater will for The New Renaissance Man Pageant tonight at 7:00. Organizers of this event describe the New Renaissance Man as "an ambitious, selfless, well-dressed man with unquestionable class and compassion for family and the community." Though its main purpose is to highlight those who exemplify men who take active roles in their families and communities, the event will also include great music and a surprise performance at intermission.

Tickets are $10.00 in advance ($12.00 at the door) and may be purchased at http://kkpeoples2014.wix.com/newrenaissance or by calling 205-861-0487. in advance.