My Wife Surprised Me With Karaoke Night 

Tonight, I learned once again how married life is lit! I was having a rough day and my wife really made me feel better.

For whatever reason, today I just wasn't feeling it. My coffee was perfect, I hooked some listeners up with free food on the radio, it really wasn't a relatively bad day. By the time I got home, I felt drained and was ready to relax.

As always, I walked through the door and my son's face lit up when he saw me. I played with him for about 20 minutes before my wife and I begin discussing the day. Out of nowhere, my wife says " Let's have a karaoke night!"


Before I could even respond, she jumps up and runs to the room to get "in character." After changing outfits, she gets my DJ lights, mic and brings them into the living room. I see Youtube pulled up on the TV and with lyrics on the screen. She was really ready for karaoke! LOL!



Needles to say, I joined in with our son. We all had an amazing time and it turned out to be just what we both needed.

Sometimes you don't need much to make you happy. It doesn't always take a night out on the town or going to a major concert together to make you both happy. Although we'd love to do those things, they aren't possible for us with a newborn. Even without going out every other weekend, and building routines with a newborn, we can still enjoy time together.  It was all worth it to hear my wife at the end of the night say "Thank you for that baby. It really made my day."

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