You know how they say the honeymoon ended before it even began?

Well, that’s actually true in the case of Mohammed Ahmed.

The 21-year-old man from Illinois was arrested for soliciting a prostitute...while on his honeymoon!

Ahmed, who was in Orlando, Florida with his new bride, was caught when he met an undercover detective posing as a prostitute after he answered her ad. Making matters worse? His wife had reported him missing after he never returned to their hotel, unaware that he was in police custody.

Ahmed was one of 92 rather embarrassed people caught in an undercover operation authorities pulled off to catch johns who solicited sex online, including a 45-year-old youth pastor who had traveled to town for a conference and had designs on having sex with a 14-year-old.

Of course, Ahmed is the only person who’s going to have find a very creative way to answer the question “How was the honeymoon?” after he gets back home. Good luck with that one.

There's no word on whether the marriage is still on. Nor is their word if or when the now-troubled couple will appear on 'Jerry Springer.'

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