Ok Thanksgiving is official and I am on the move.  I have to visit several of my relatives today.   Three of them I absolutely have to and the others, well it’s because I want too.

I have made my first stop.  It’s a relative that I accidently ran into while refueling my car.  I’m refueling my car and I hear someone call my name.  I didn’t recognize her. I haven’t seen her in over 20+ years. She made me promise to come by, and I did.

When I say this was a bad experience I’m being nice.  I don’t have a problem with animals as long as they keep their distance.  When I walked in the door I thought I was in the land of cats.  When I saw some sitting at the table with a cat in her lap I had to leave.

It’s on to the next stop.  Check back in about an hour.

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