Will The Thanksgiving Holiday Be One Of Mischief, Mayhem, And Murder In Tuscaloosa?

We all know that gun violence disproportionately affects undeserved urban communities. While gun violence knows no boundaries, neighborhoods where poverty is most concentrated bear the largest effects of gun homicide, crime, and other trauma. African Americans are more likely than their white counter parts to die from gun homicide. Communities of color have dealt with COVID-19, recession and social unrest and are bearing the brunt of a surge in gun violence. While a rise in shootings has become common here in Tuscaloosa, this year has been much more complex. There is a multi stage effect occurring. Not only is it what could be called summertime violence, but there is COVID-19, and in some cases job loss. Adding all this up and you are exacerbating violence, especially in communities that a vulnerable.

Recently, assault rifles, handguns, drugs and homicides have plagued the streets of Tuscaloosa. Local law enforcement have stated that increased patrols will continue as log as needed. There will be an increase in the number of people entering the city from all over the country. Will all of these factors be a recipe for Mischief, Mayhem and possible Murder during the Thanksgiving Holiday here in Tuscaloosa?

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