Authorities have captured a man suspected of abducting his estranged girlfriend and killing her sister. Bibb County District Attorney Michael Jackson says 60-year-old John Barry Hubbard was arrested Wednesday night at a motel in Greene County.

According to, Hubbard abducted his ex-girlfriend, identified as Tammy Carpenter, and killed her sister in Bibb County Tuesday. After an intensive manhunt, Hubbard and Carpenter were located at a motel near Greentrack. Carpenter, who had attempted to get an order of restraint against Hubbard, was unharmed.
It's GREAT that Carpenter lives to tell the story, but Hubbard is obviously a special kind of criminal. He is accused of having stalked and harassed his victim prior to the abduction.  Usually, criminals like this plan things out in full detail. They work for months and save money needed to live on the lam, OR after having already killed one victim, they kill the other and themselves.  Not John Barry Hubbard. He goes and gets a room in Eutaw.  Not the state of Utah-- EUTAW, ALABAMA!  The Eutaw that's less than 50 miles away!

Do you know that if I planned to do something to somebody, I would fill up my gas tank at least a day in advance, have a pile of toiletries, canned goods, and cash and I'm getting AWAY!!!  I'm telling you now. If you ever hear of me doing something crazy, don't even look for me in Alabama! Go ahead and alert the authorities in Idaho or somewhere.... But Eutaw? Nah. Bless his heart.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do not get caught up in Investigation Discovery. It'll bring out the criminal in your mind. You see how others mess up and say what you would have done differently. Those thoughts become embedded to the degree that if you decided to carry out an illegal act, you've already thought it through, which is not good.