We all have experienced physical burnout, those times when we are so tired from the many activities or difficulties that assail us. Even more painful is spiritual burnout, the weariness believers feel from the pressure of attempting to obey God, attend church faithfully, and spend time in daily prayer and reading of the Scriptures. Just the contemplation of everything we think we must do for success in the Christian walk can be rather overwhelming! The inherant problem is that we become spiritually burned out if we rely on our own strength.When we experience spiritual fatique, it's often because of a wrong view of our faith. We find ourselves keeping a mental checklist of dos and don's, striving to please God with religious activities.That's not freedom. The Christian life isn't some formula whereby we modify our behavior to gain the Lord's approval. God reached down and reconciled us to Himself the moment we asked Him into our hearts, so we already have His approval.