The Walker County Sheriffs office began receiving phone calls around 1 am this morning after witnesses reported seeing a possible plane crash.

Kathleen Bergen with the FAA said they had received numerous reports about a fireball seen in the sky which she says was from a meteor but James Spann says the culprit was likely 'space junk'.

'Those that happened to be outside just after midnight saw this in the clear Alabama sky. Info below is from Bill Cooke at the NASA Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville... "There was a bright event seen over several SE states around 12:29:30 AM CDT - We also picked it up on our meteor cameras. The object moved too slow for meteor (only 14,500 mph), was visible for over 30 seconds, and fragmented into multiple pieces, suggesting that it was possibly a re-entering piece of space junk. The Department of Defense keeps track of such critters, so they would be the ones to confirm this." '