If there's a weather event to be concerned about, folks living in or around Vestavia Hills should probably assume the worst. Recently we were hammered by significant flooding that most residents agree was the worst in years. This past Friday, a severe thunderstorm blew through and after looking at the path of the damage, I've flirted with the idea that an F1 tornado may have touched down behind my house.

I was on my way back from running errands and managed to make it into the driveway when the bottom fell out. I'd left my umbrella inside so, rather than get soaked, I decided to ride out the rain. Small pellets of hail began to fall and since I had nothing else to do, I grabbed some slow-mo footage.

The size of the hail quickly increased and the rain began blowing sideways in the opposite direction. I'm still sitting in my car, completely unaware of what's happening a few feet outside of my window.

Check out the picture gallery below.