In times such as the ones that we are going through, the little things in our lives can in fact be the best things in life. Where ever you are, sunrises are stunningly beautiful, whatever the weather and each and every is totally different. A sunrise is the beginning of the day, it indicates a new beginning and you can use it every day to toast your life. It is a rather powerful time of the day, and it you can manage to be part of it in your conscious moments, it is an empowering way to  begin the day. Just to sit alone and think of your past, present and future life, and to enjoy being in the minute is simply awesome. The next time you desire to celebrate something, grab a bottle of water,, a couple of glasses and head out into nature with a best friend and drink to the new day.

Free will is available to everyone. It may not be a free world at many levels but you do have free will to make your own decisions. You may very well decide to take other people into account along with your decision making process, but that too is your choice, hence your ability and right to have free will.

Change your attitude and essentially change your entire life. You have total control over your attitude and outlook on life. No matter what is happening, how much money you have of have not, you have the ability to see the glass of life as half full, not half empty. It is totally up to you how you desire to look at life, everything begins with a thought; a thought that is totally free and from this thought your life forms and takes shape. Make perfectly sure that your thoughts are leading you in the direction you desire to go!

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