For the last week or so I've been seeing a lot of people on social media ask the question "Does anyone actually know somebody with the Coronavirus?" After seeing slue of no's and maybe some say yes, I've actually found someone who's pretty sure she has COVID-19 and is documenting her experience on Facebook.

After celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary, Kentucky woman Penny Wittbrodt took to Facebook to announce her official quarantine as she suspects she has contracted the Coronavirus. After a few days in quarantine she shared a picture of her face and although she didn't look gravely ill, you could tell she was sick.

This next post is where it got real for me. Penny has been in self quarantine for a little over a week now and her condition has fluctuated. Her latest live video shows her most recent state.




As a retired ICU nurse, Penny refuses to go to the hospital saying that it's not much more they can do for her, they'd only offer "supportive care."







It's definitely an eye-opening experience to see this possible case of Coronavirus play out and be documented by Penny. We're thankful for Penny being so open to sharing her experience with the world.  For information on how to stay safe, updates on the confirmed cases in Alabama, and more CLICK HERE.


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