A jury in Arizona found Jodi Arias guilty of the first-degree murder of Travis Alexander, meaning she may face the death penalty.

The killing occurred in 2008, and the ensuing investigation and trial captivated many legal observers before arriving at today's verdict. Arias did not deny having killed Alexander, she merely claimed it was done in self-defense.

The jury did not agree, and perhaps the details of his death played a role in their decision. Alexander, Arias's ex-boyfriend, was shot, stabbed numerous times and nearly decapitated, which doesn't sound much like self-defense.

The deliberations took 15 hours, following a trial that began on January 2. The next stage is the sentencing process, and it is unclear whether the jury is likely to condemn her to death. According to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, "Now the odds, I think shift somewhat in her favor, because it's a very different thing to sentence someone to die than to convict them."