The pastor of a Methodist church in Moundville and the director of a daycare center there have been arrested for allegedly obstructing an investigation into alleged abuse there, according to a report from the Moundville Times.

In a Monday evening report, the Times said Moundville Police Chief Toby Banks had confirmed the arrests, which come amid the ongoing abuse investigation.

According to the report, police received credible information last Tuesday about possible abuse at Moundville Methodist Church's daycare center, which is run by 34-year-old Breana Hope Lee.

Police interviewed Lee last Wednesday, and she reportedly said the daycare was soon to fire one of the women involved in the alleged abuse, which reportedly involved at least striking with objects "not commonly used" for discipline and maybe additional abuse.

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Police also spoke to 42-year-old Pastor Mike Cobb, who allegedly knew enough about the alleged abuse to host a meeting last month to warn staff against extreme physical discipline and the potential consequences of overstepping the line, but did not pass on concerns to police or DHR.

Banks told the Times no one at the church or daycare complied with their legally binding mandate to report allegations of child abuse to the appropriate authorities despite knowing about them at least a month ago.

The police chief said at least one woman has been fired in relation to these allegations, but Cobb and Lee fell into deeper trouble with the law earlier this week after they reportedly agreed to shut the daycare down this Monday, April 8th, to finish the investigation by interviewing employees there.

Banks told the paper that pastor Mike Cobb blocked him and other officers from entering and asked if they had a search warrant.

This last act of defiance resulted in Banks obtaining arrest warrants for Cobb and Lee for obstruction of governmental operations and failure to report abuse. Both were arrested and booked in the Hale County Jail on Monday.

Police also conducted their search, and Banks said at least one daycare employee will face charges as a result of the investigation, and a second woman may also be charged.

Read the Times' full report below, and stay connected to the Thread for more updates if they are made available.

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